Ampe A78 Android 4.2

Ampe A78 Android 4.2 3G Phablet Review

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Phablet is a nice hybrid between functionality and practicality, and Ampe A78 Android 4.2 3G phablet gives what you need in one affordable package. For those who look for affordable phablet that has quite complete features for its price, this phablet is worth checking out. Despite the obvious downsides such as plastic cover, this phablet is a great option for affordable, decent gadget that fulfills most daily task and work needs.

Ampe A78 Android 4.2

Features of Ampe A78 Android 4.2 3G Phablet

As described at, Ampe A78 Android comes with 7-inch screen with 5-point touching panel and ample 1920×1200 pixel retina screen resolution. It also has all features every social media buffs love; the phablet is connected to Facebook, Skype, and Google Play Store for hours of social engagement, app downloading and gaming. The phablet is run with Android 4.2 OS, paired with MT6592 Octa Core CPU for quick performance, 2GB RAM, and 32GB of external memories to keep all your files, videos and photos easily.

Most people use their phones and tablets for browsing the internet, and this phablet gives you just that. It comes with 2G, 3G, and Wifi connectivity as well as Bluetooth. Also, for the selfie-craze, this phablet offers dual camera with 8.0MP resolution on the front, and 13.0MP on the back, plus video recording for more convenience. Also, it comes with other features for work and entertainment such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), e-book file supporter, music and video players, 3D games, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Ampe A78 Android 4.2 3G Phablet

Ampe A78 Android 4.2 Phablet has lost of obvious pros: cheap price, complete features for work and entertainment, and multiple options for internet connection. The capacity of RAM and external storage is descent for a phablet, plus quick performance for various tasks. Although the case has really prominent plastic look, the overall design and look are still decent. However, this product also has several downsides.

Some users actually noticed that the On/Off button is sometimes not working well, especially if you try to push it through additional protective case. Also, the phablet is quite fragile; one drop is often enough to make the phablet malfunctions. This phone is definitely not something you would bring with during outdoor activities. Other than that, Ampe A78 Android 4.2 3G is quite a descent phablet if you have restricted budget. You can find it easily at Inexpensive Android 4.2 tablet as well as other related gadgets and accessories to complement it.

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